Prefab Portable Toilets

Convenient & Hygienic Solutions for Every Need

Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd. presents Prefab Portable Toilets, the epitome of convenience and functionality. Built to serve diverse needs, our portable toilets are an essential solution for construction sites, events, outdoor gatherings, and more.

Explore Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd.'s Prefab Portable Toilets. Designed for convenience, hygiene, and durability, our portable toilets serve various applications.

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Our Prefab Portable Toilets are more than a temporary convenience; they are a commitment to quality, hygiene, and user comfort. Crafted with precision, these units are easy to install, maintain, and transport.

With a focus on environmental responsibility, our toilets are designed with eco-friendly materials and waste management solutions. We believe in delivering a product that not only serves a purpose but also respects our planet.

Choose Metastar's Prefab Portable Toilets for a reliable and responsible solution to your temporary sanitation needs.


Range of sizes and configurations available
Sturdy construction with quality materials
Easy-to-clean surfaces and features
Suitable for various temporary applications
Optional accessories and customizations available