Prefab Kiosks

Versatile & Innovative Retail Solutions by Metastar Infra

Introducing Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd.'s Prefab Kiosks, the ultimate in flexibility and design for your retail or service needs. Whether you're looking to establish a food stand, retail booth, or information center, our kiosks provide a stylish, functional, and easily deployable solution.

Explore Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd.'s Prefab Kiosks. Designed for adaptability, functionality, and style, our kiosks are perfect for retail, food service, and more.

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Our Prefab Kiosks are more than a sales point; they're a statement of your brand. Customizable to your unique needs, these kiosks can reflect your identity and values while serving your customers efficiently.

Built with quality materials and a focus on sustainability, our kiosks are not only eye-catching but also environmentally friendly. Trust in Metastar's expertise to deliver a kiosk that stands out in all the right ways.

Discover the potential of Prefab Kiosks, and take your business to new heights.


Range of sizes and layouts to match your specific needs
High-quality, durable construction for long-term use
Fully equipped with necessary utilities and features
Aesthetic design that appeals to customers
Compliance with relevant regulations and standards