Portable Prefab Farmhouses

Modern Country Living Reimagined

Introducing our Prefab Farmhouses, where elegance meets efficiency. With Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd., you can enjoy the timeless charm of a country home, crafted with the precision and convenience of modern prefabrication techniques.

Experience the charm of country living with Metastar Infra Pvt. Ltd.'s Prefab Farmhouses. Combining traditional aesthetics with modern efficiency, we bring your dream home to life.

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Our Prefab Farmhouses are more than a dwelling; they're an expression of lifestyle and comfort. Designed to blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, these homes offer a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Utilizing the latest in sustainable construction, we ensure that our farmhouses are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. We recognize the importance of nature and strive to honor it in our designs.

Explore the tranquility, beauty, and practicality of our Prefab Farmhouses. Your dream home awaits.


Range of sizes and floor plans available
High-quality construction materials
Energy-efficient insulation and windows
Comprehensive customization options
Durability to withstand various weather conditions